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Ferrofluid is a magnetically activated liquid. The nanoscale ferromagnetic particles precisely follow the shape of an applied magnetic field creating interesting shapes and patterns. This unique display features an 8oz glass bottle with Ferrofluid suspended in a carrier solution. A powerful neodymium magnet assembly is included to activate the ferrofluid. The wood base is finished with natural oils leaving a beautiful finish to match the minimal design. This piece is beautiful enough to display as decor, offers endless fun for children and adults, and is just plain awesome. See a short video of us playing with it at https://goo.gl/96eL2B.

Caution: The display should not be opened or tampered with. The ferrofluid solution can be harmful if consumed. Neodymium magnets are very powerful and should be handled with care. Children should be supervised by an adult when playing with this item.


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